Technology Consulting

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New technology and business models are forcing businesses to shift at lightning pace in order to compete in a digital, customer-centric environment.

Atlasis Technologies consulting practice assists business leaders in responding to their customers' expectations by enabling digital-first transformation across all aspects of their business, from operations to technology to people.

We've been named leaders in digital transformation strategy and consulting by leading worldwide analysis companies. We also collaborate with global businesses and we provide integrated strategy, digital and domain expertise, as well as analytics and insights to help them find hidden value.

With a storied history of innovation and entrepreneurship in the technology services industry, we assist businesses in realizing the full potential of digital technologies such as AI, automation, and the cloud. Our vast worldwide team of consultants work flexibly to achieve outcomes, whether it's advising or end-to-end execution, because we realize that our clients' business needs come first.

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Security Risk Assessments

As your business relies more heavily on technology, the inherent risks increase as well. A single data breach or ransomware attack can cause huge financial, legal and reputational damage.Our comprehensive cybersecurity assessment identifies your level of risk and defines a mitigation approach to minimize and manage your threats and vulnerabilities.

IT Strategy & Planning

Assistance with strategic IT planning is one of our most frequently requested services. We think of strategic IT as a core competitive strength, helping you to invest in the right technologies to prepare your company today for tomorrow’s challenges. Atlasis Technologies Digital consultants will work with you to document a detailed strategic plan that maps your business goals to short-term and long-term action plans to achieve those goals.

IT Budgeting

IT budgeting goes hand in hand with strategic IT planning. But trying to build a technology budget without a clear understanding of what your company needs is frustrating. Atlasis Technologies consultants work with you to develop a realistic IT budget that incorporates both your own assets and resources, plus the projected costs of the new technology that will deliver the most value to your organization and help you reach your business goals.

IT Assessments

Chances are your network has developed gradually over time, with layers of hardware and software that may now be contributing to unintended security gaps or inefficiencies. Atlasis Technologies consultants can conduct a comprehensive review of your IT environment and examine how your current technology is helping or hindering your business. You receive a written evaluation of the key areas that need improvement, with prioritized recommendations.

Cloud & Data Migration

Many businesses are transferring their data and applications from on-premises data centers to private or public clouds, typically to reduce costs, increase security, and build redundancy. Our IT consultancy helps you develop the right cloud migration strategy, including having the right cloud security in place. We take you through the pros and cons, help you evaluate cloud providers, calculate costs, and then implement a plan to ensure a successful cloud migration project.